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The Franchesca Equation 10
Written by Wolfnumber9

February 23, 2020: Dreams

“Franchesca!...Franchesca, slow down!” Vanessa Harden Yelled as she was being pulled and rushed through the many hallways of the stadium. “You know I can’t run fast! Why are we down here anyway? I thought you wanted to watch the stupid 3pt contest?”

“We’ll get to that. First, I need you to see something.” Alexa said as she hurried her trainer through the crowds of people. “Ah, I hope I’m not too late.”

“Too late for what?”

“Shh, it’s a surprise! You’ll see.”

Finally, the two were able to reach Judah near the entrance to the court. The big lion wasn’t hard to miss as he towered over all the other people and waved his hands to signal Alexa. Judah gave Alexa a quick kiss and handed her an all-star basketball.

“Hey sweetheart!” Alexa said as she was catching her breath. “Are we late?”

“Nope. Right on time.” Judah Answered.

Alexa smiles and then gave the basketball to Vanessa.

“What’s this for?” Vanessa Asked.

“For you, silly. Now come on.” Alexa said as she led Vanessa onto the court. Vanessa limped in front of her, still wondering what the black panther had planned and starting to feel nervous as she could hear the extremely loud crowd of people all around her. Then, she realized that she was right on the baseline of the court.

“Alexa?” She said Suspiciously. “What is this?”

“Okay, look. I know this is sappy but...I may have asked my GM for a favor tonight. We needed someone for a shooting challenge, and I knew just the cat to you ready to see what it’s like playing in the FBA?”

Vanessa was stunned. A dream that she had given up on long ago was just about to come true. Before she could even think about what to say, the announcer took the mic.

“Alright Williamsburg! Give another round of applause for the Wesley high school dance team!...Alright, and now we have a special challenge for tonight. Our all-star fan shooting challenge! One lucky fan will shoot a layup, free throw, three point shot, and half court shot to win some exclusive Williamsburg Minutemen merch! Each one signed by your fabulous Minutemen players!, how about we bring out our challenger for tonight...Vanessa Harden!”

The crowd roared. It sent a nervous chill down Vanessa’s spine, causing her to freeze in place until Alexa gave her a small push on the back to lead her onto the court. She took a moment to look all around her and admire the size of the crowd. Some even chanted her name. It took her way back to her playing days. Back to highschool. When hearing a crowd chant her name was so common.

“Alright! So how are you doing tonight, Vanessa?!” The announcer said now holding the mic to the cat’s mouth.

“I….I….um….Hi…” Said Vanessa with a shaky voice.

“Ha, excellent. Okay, so let me tell you the rules and the prizes okay? First you got your layup, you make that, you get a flappy wings hat, signed by Mikaylah herself. Then the free throw, you get a team shirt, signed by the coach. Then the three point, you get a Renne Fiora and a Marcella Oliviera plushie, Both Are also signed, and finally, the half court shot, you get a signed Crystal Davis Jersey! No time limit! One chance for each shot! Are you ready!”


“Go!” The announcer shouted.

The music blasted loudly throughout the stadium, the crowd was cheering her on, but Vanessa was still frozen in place, staring at the crowd. Thankfully, Alexa’s shouting snapped her out of it. She now had a determined look on her face. If this was truly her one chance to feel like an FBA player, then she was going to take it. She started to limp as fast as she could to try the layup first. But her hands were still shaky and she missed the layup, the ball clanking against the rim. The crowd still cheered for her, she still had her chance. She just needed to focus. And that’s when she made the free throw. Alexa screamed with joy, and the crowd cheered her on. Vanessa quickly got the rebound and hurried to the three point shot. She tried to keep her focus, but the shot was way off once more, hitting against the rim and going off to the other side of the court. That sudden realization of how slow she was now hit her hard as the ball bounced off. She had almost given up, until she saw Alexa grab the ball for her. She pointed towards half-court and Vanessa moved over there as fast as she could. Finally, she was in position. Right at center court. Alexa passed her the ball and she faced the hoop. She held her stance, readied her arm, and lunged forward to shoot the ball...but she tripped at the last second, causing the ball to fly out of her hands. She fell to the ground and was so ashamed of herself, that she closed her eyes. Tears began to roll down her face. She felt so many emotions all at once...that was until she heard the ball hit the backboard...and the crowd cheered for her loudly once again. She was confused, until Alexa came to pick her up.

“Vanessa! Oh my gosh! You made it!” She screamed.

“I did?!” Vanessa Answered.

“Unbelievable!” The announcer said. “Vanessa Harden! Let’s give it up for her!”

The crowd roared and stood on their feet, cheering for the cat’s great determination.

“Oh my gosh, you did it! You freakin’ killed it!” Alexa said and the two shared a hug. The announcer went on hyping up the crowd and telling her what she won, but Vanessa didn’t care. She couldn’t even speak as she cried tears of joy.

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