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The Franchesca Equation 3
Written by Wolfnumber9

January 16, 2019: Finding the drive

“Come on Alexa! Move it!” Shouted Vanessa as the black panther was running from basket to basket working on full court layups. “Two missed fast break layups are unacceptable! Let’s move it!”

Alexa pushed herself so hard she could barely catch her breath. She tried to plan ahead, but she would miss. Then she would just try to go by instinct, but she would still miss. They have been at this for 15 minutes. Finally, Vanessa blew her whistle and gave Alexa the signal to stop. Alexa dropped the ball and quickly fell to the floor to rest. Vanessa slowly walked to her.

“How do feel?” The black cat asked.

“Exhausted.” Said Alexa.

“What was that?”

“I mean...focused and ready to go ma’am!”

“Don’t lie to me. The last thing you are is focused. What the hell is on your mind?”

“Wait kept saying I overthink everything.”

“You do! That’s why you gotta trust your natural instincts. We do all these drills, work on these specific moves, but you only have seconds, no, milliseconds to decide what to do. Your mind is smart, but slow Alexa! You gotta feel it!”

“But...what if I don’t feel it?”

“ have no business being an FBA player.”

“Well...That was harsh.”

“I’m not here to be your friend. Now get up already.”

“Jeez, what bit you in the tail today?”

“Heh, you think I don’t know what you are thinking about right now?”

“...Can you read minds?”

“...So how’s Judah in bed?”

Alexa then shot up from the ground at the sudden question and couldn’t believe that of all people to ask her was her trainer?

“What the fuck?!” Alexa shouted. “What kind of...what?!”

“He’s messing with your mind Alexa!” Vanessa answered back. “You ignore your heart and instincts with everything else, but Judah is the only thing you actual just jump right into without any thought huh?!”

“Oh my gosh!...Wait! Why do you even care?! You said you wanted to help me with basketball!”

“I can’t teach you shit if your head is in the clouds! Focus Alexa! You have the athleticism, you have the skill, so this shouldn’t be this hard! Stop thinking about your damn boyfriend’s dick and focus!”

“Judah is not distracting me!”

“Oh really?! And how can you be sure?! You already play like your legs are weak!”


The gym fell silent. Alexa’s breaths were heavy from shouting so loud and the two felines just glared at each other. Vanessa looked more surprised though after their shouting match, as if she was sorry for the things that had been said.

“Wait…” Vanessa started again. “So that means…”

“That I’m a virgin! Yes!” Alexa shouted again with little care. “I have the perfect boyfriend and the perfect job and the perfect life and I’m just fucking it all up! There! Is that what you wanted to here?! Are you happy now?!”

“Alexa, I’m so..”

“Just!...just whatever. I got to go to the game soon.”

Alexa then stormed to her bag, grabbed it, and marched out the door. Vanessa tried to apologize for what she said, but the panther ignored her and quickly left the building without saying another word.

The walk home was probably one of the most awkward and frustrating walks Alexa had ever had. Once she finally reached her house, she threw her stuff to the side and surveyed the house.

“Look at this!” She yelled at herself. “All I have in this fucking house is a chair, couch, this small ass TV, and a bed! How the hell am I supposed to get my life together when I can’t even get my house in order! No wonder you can’t commit to sex, you can’t even commit on the court! Oh, you wanna know the difference between you and your friends Alexa?! When they start, the team actually wins! When you start, you fuck the whole system up!...AND NOW I’M TALKING TO MYSELF! GREAT, I’VE FINALLY LOST IT!”

With nothing more to shout about, Alexa grabbed her phone and plopped onto her bed. The panther tried to scroll through numerous post to try to cheer her up, but it was no use. Just looking at the success of the other draftees was making her feel even more useless. With that, she sent out a tweet saying: “Fuck today” and proceeded to throw her phone on the floor...but then, she noticed a small piece of paper with a name and number written on it. She slowly picked it up and read the words out loud.

“Hortense?” She said. “Why does that name sound...oh right, that funny corgi who sold the toys and interviewed me, WAIT A MINUTE!” An idea popped into Alexa’s head. A very, very, naughty idea. With haste, she grabbed her phone and quickly dialed the number.

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