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The Franchesca Equation 4
Written by Wolfnumber9 and Gideonwebb

February 7th, 2019: Confesion

“You know, when you said you fixed the sexual tension between you and your so called boyfriend, I didn’t think you meant you cheated on him.” Said Vanessa.

“I did not cheat!” Demanded Alexa. “I was a mess and I need someone me up that’s all.”

“Did you just…”

“Not like that Vanessa!...I just needed some guidance. I love Judah and I would do anything for him.” Alexa said as she shot and missed a free throw.

“0 for 5. So, what does your boyfriend think of you getting…’guidance’.”

“I haven’t told him yet.” Alexa mumbled.

“Yep, he’s gonna dump you.”

“He is not!...I think, I just have to tell him at the right time! Okay?!” Alexa shot again and missed another shot. “God...dammit!”

“0 for 6. You know Alexa, you’re a special kind of dumb.”

“Okay, is this what this practice is gonna be? You just telling me I’m a piece of shit until I get better.”

“I only speak the truth. And the truth is, you can train until your bones break and watch film until you’re blind, but until you put your heart in it, you’ll never reach your full potential.”

“I...I have heart. I put so much into this! You’ve seen me!...right?!” Another miss.

“I’ve seen your brain at work. Not your heart.” Vanessa then grabs her bag and walks to the door. “Alright, see ya tomorrow.”

“Wait...What? It’s only been like ten minutes!”

“And That ball still hasn’t been through that hoop. I think you’ve learned what you need to do today. Besides, isn’t your boy toy coming over tonight? Better start cooking something more than food I guess.”

With that, the black cat limped away out of the gym leaving Alexa alone on the court. She grunted angrily and tried to shoot another free throw. Another miss.

“Fuck it, I’m going home...there’s something I need to do.”

Judah arrived at Alexa’s house at his usual time, around 4pm. He knocked on the door and Alexa happily called out for him to open the door.

“Phew.” Said Judah. “Still kinda cold huh?...what’s all this?”

“I got out of training early, so I finished cooking.” Alexa said.

Judah took off his coat and shoes and walked over to Alexa to give her a big hug and kiss. Alexa hugged back and said:

“It’s your favorite. Spicy steak, rice, and some mixed vegetables.”

“Ah, thank you! Always excited to eat your food...although, we should probably get a table in this house right?”

“Why?” Alexa snuggled her face into the towering lion's chest. “I like to snuggle with you on the couch.”

The two then shared another kiss and grabbed their plates.

“Ah, I love you.” Said Judah happily. All Alexa did in response was nod and smile.

The night went well, but was oddly quiet. The two were on the couch, bare pawed, with Alexa laying on Judah, but Judah could already sense that something was off. Once he finished his plate, he took one big gulp of water and said:

“Okay, what’s wrong?”

Alexa tried to hide her face and answered: “what? Um, what do mean?”

“Alexa, we’re watching your favorite Wonder Woman cartoon and you haven’t smiled once. That’s like...nothing like you. So either you’re Alexa’s evil twin or…”

Alexa tried to hide her chuckles to keep a serious mood. She twisted and looked Judah in the eyes.

“Judah, there’s something you should know.” Alexa said.

Judah sat up and said: “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

Alexa took in a deep breath. She already knew that this very statement could ruin everything for her and that she could lose Judah for good, but holding this in felt even worse. After her deep breath she decided that she was just going to say it and just keep talking after that. It was better than nothing right?

“Judah, I had sex with Hortense and that’s what helped me get the courage to have sex with you!” There. It was said. And there Judah sat in silence. Alexa looked at his face and saw the disbelief and betrayal in his eyes. Alexa had to think of something.

“But, it was for you! I know it sounds stupid and yes it was wrong, but I was so frustrated that I couldn’t make love with you! I just never felt this strongly with anyone before and I never want to lose you and you are by far the best person I have slept with ever and I just wanted you to like me and for me to be attractive and I know keep messing things up that’s all I do now! I thought I had everything planned out but then I fell in love and…”

Judah finally ended Alexa’s unfocused ranting by holding her tight and kissing her forehead. It made Alexa shiver and freeze in embarrassment like she was a child being scolded by a parent.

“I forgive you.” He said. “I am hurt. I will admit that. But I can see that you know it was a bad mistake and you were trying to please me...but Alexa, you can always talk to me about this stuff. I love you Alexa. You and only you.”

Alexa was frozen in place. She was prepared for an argument. She was prepared for him to just leave. She was not prepared for this. This consistent care and love that Judah provided her was something so foreign to Alexa that she was practically hypnotized.

“Um, Alexa?” Said Judah. “You okay?...hey, your tail is wagging around real fast...Wait, does that mean you want to…?”

Those were Judah’s final words before Alexa fully pounced on him and began to take off his shirt. What happened next was passionate love that moved from the couch to the bedroom. It was true that the black panther had a lot to figure out, but if there was one certainty so far in these last few crazy months, it’s that she needed Judah in her life. After all the excitement, Alexa and Judah laid together in bed.

“Oh man…” Said Alexa catching her breath. “I love you Judah.”

“I love you too my sweet.” Judah answered back.

“Okay, you can take the condom off now.”

Judah froze and said: “Uh...Alexa?”

“What’s wrong...Uh oh...we need to go to the drug store.”


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