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The Franchesca Equation 5
Written by Wolfnumber9 and Gideonwebb

February 25, 2019: A panther knows

“Whoa! Let’s go Alexa! Come on baby girl!” Eliza shouted from her seat. The black panther could not be more proud of her daughter. Watching her grow up, Eliza was always scared as to what Alexa’s basketball dreams would get her, but as she sat down in her courtside seat in Winnipeg watching her daughter play in the rookie all-star game, she was completely won over.

“Oh my lord, that’s really our baby girl!” She said with teary eyes.

“Girl, don’t you start crying now.” Said Annabelle, Alexa’s grandmother. “I done told ya’ll this girl was special, but you startin’ to be as thick headed as your husband apparently.”

“Mama!...lets not talk bout him right now. Especially not in front Judah.”

Judah laughed it off and said: “It’s no problem Mrs. Franchesca. Ladies, I hope you’re both having a wonderful time.”

Annabelle lowered her glasses and said: “mmhmm, I’m havin’ a great time looking at this fine piece of lion Lexa got herself.”


“Oh hush child, he know I’m just messin’, dontcha baby?”

“Uh...yes ma’am.” Judah answered.

“Oh, yes ma’am, so proper.” Said Eliza. “So Judah, we’ve talked a lot about how you and Alexa met and how you’ve been dating and what not, but I would like to know if you are having...sexual activities with my daughter?”

“Well...Uh…” Judah hesitated in order to choose his words carefully.

“That’s a yes.” Annabelle Said.

“But wait,” Judah continued. “I assure you that we have had safe sex, with protection, and...and Alexa is the first person I’ve ever been with and she is loving, funny, and a beautiful woman. I promise I won’t do anything to harm her and I will protect her with all my heart.”

The two panthers just sat there in awe to Judah’s response. Finally, Eliza Said:

“Well, That is very sweet Judah. I think I can see now that Alexa is in good hands and…”

Eliza was startled by the loud buzz of the arena. A quarter had ended.

“Oh lord! That damn thing is too loud! Phew, okay so I guess this is a break?” Eliza Asked

“Yes ma’am.” Judah answered.

“Good, Okay. I have had to go to the bathroom for the longest. Judah? Could you help me to the bathroom?”

“Sure I…” Judah was then interrupted by Annabelle as he was grabbed by the arm and pulled down.

“Eliza, just go up the stairs and I’m sure one of the security officers will help you out. I’d like to talk to Judah a bit more.” Said Eliza. “Go find yourself another man while ya there too.”

Eliza just laughed and waved goodbye to them then strutted off to the stairs. Judah and Annabelle sat down and watched Alexa in the team huddle laughing with her teammates.

“She is simply beautiful ain’t she?” Said Annabelle.

Judah exhaled and said: “Yes. Yes she is.”

“Lexa was always gonna do something special. I always knew that. Tallest in the family, stayed in school, probably could’ve went to one of those big fancy schools too...but she likes a simple life.”

“I understand. We do have that in common.”

“I can tell that you are very sweet Judah and I’mma tell you that Lexa is gonna make some mistakes that you just gonna have to forgive her for, because deep down she truly loves you.”

“I understand Miss Franchesca. I promise to…”

“Like if she had sex with someone else first just so she could open up to you in bed. It’s stupid, trust me I know, but I’m pretty sure she only had you in mind.”

Judah was shocked and said: “How did you…did Alexa…”

“Lexa didn’t tell me nothin’ child. A panther just knows...and you forgave her, right?”


“Good. I promise you that Lexa will remain faithful to you and will always love you.”

“And I will always love her.”

“That’s good. That’s real, you’re planning on proposing soo?.”

“Well...someday soon. I guess we will see.”

“Child, I know you already bought the ring.”

“...How did you…”

“A panther knows, child. A panther knows...You know her parents use to fight in front of her everyday. They still do today. Now it’s gotten so bad that Lexa and her father never talk to each other and Eliza is just depressed most days...Lexa’s life is just too chaotic right now, and you have something that she still hasn’t found yet.”

“What is it?”

“Your stable. Now things may not be fully in your control, but you have a good number of things handled. Lexa needs that stability...she needs you.”

“ I should propose soon, right?”

“Not yet...her mind is in basketball right now while her heart is with you. Wait til her season is over, take her somewhere nice, and do it there. Now she will be scared at first. The only marriage she ever saw led to the catastrophe that I have to deal with back at my home...but you just hold her head from each side and you look at her. Make her focus on you and say…”

“What? What?! Say what?!”

“Haha, you’ll know when the time comes child. You’ll know.” Annabelle sighed and once more glanced at Alexa in the huddle. Alexa spotted the two and quickly waved. Annabelle and Judah waved back.

“I think you two will make a lovely couple.”

“Thank you Mrs. Franchesca.”

“Please me grandma.”

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