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The Franchesca Equation 8
Written by Wolfnumber9

September 21, 2019: Home is where the cats are.

“Yea, sweety. Everything is here. The moving company really helped a lot.” Alexa said while moving through all boxes in her new apartment in Williamsburg. After quite the adventure on her old team, the Tennessee Moonshiners, she truly felt the effects of FBA life by being traded for the second time in her short career to the Williamsburg Minutemen. She still kept her positive attitude throughout the move because she still had a lot to be happy about. One big excitement is that she is now a married panther and couldn’t be happier with her new husband, Judah Walstien. The distance in housing might be an obstacle to overcome, but they always promise to call each other everyday.

“Good. I’m glad everything came okay.” Said Judah. “You still like the place I picked out for you?”

“Yes, very spacious and it has a lovely view. The guest room is a nice touch too. Can invite my friends over anytime?”

“Good...Wait, What sort of friends?”

“Haha, Relax. Relax. Pssh, You know how much of a loner I am. I’ll probably use that room for my comic book collection or something.”

“Okay, that sounds like a good idea...I miss you already sweetheart.”

“I know, I miss you too baby...we’ll get through this though...I just gotta start all over now.”

“You need help finding a new trainer? I know you miss miss Harden.”

“Eh, she busted me up everyday, but yea she was pretty good. I’m sure she has her own thing to worry about though, so she’s good.”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“Oh, hold on baby.” Said Alexa as she went over to the door. She moved more boxes out of the way and then opened the door.

“Hello? Who’s...holy shit.”

Alexa nearly dropped her phone in shock when she saw who was at the door. And there she stood with her arms crossed and her usual disapproving scowl on her face. She had three big suitcases behind her leaned to one side to give her prosthetic leg a break. It was Vanessa Harden in the fur.

“What the hell did you do to your hair?” She asked Alexa.

“I...I Uh.” Alexa was at a loss for words.

“It looks stupid...anyway, I know you’re so thrilled to see me so I’m gonna give you the details. I made the most money while training you and my old job fired me for being drunk on the job. So, I am gonna be your trainer full time. I’m gonna live with you, make your diet plan, make your workout plan, and make the best damn player in that godforsaken league. Understand?”

“Wait. Hold up. You can’t just..”

“Good. I’m glad we agree. Your first workout! Give 30 minutes of stretching and bring my luggage inside!”

“Wait, but…”


“Ah! Yes ma’am!” The panther yelped. The fear was still there. Alexa quickly hung up the phone and began to stretch inside the apartment . Vanessa took no time limping her way inside and surveying the place.

“Ah, you have a guest room. Guess this was meant to be.” Said Vanessa.

“Wait, you went to work drunk?” Asked Alexa.

“Yea. What of it?”

“Well...I mean shit, were you drunk when training me?”

“Oh jeez, yes, of course. Watching you train sober was god awful. Now touch those toes! I don’t want my luggage in the hallway all day!”

Alexa sighed and did as she was told. A part of her knew this was absolutely wrong, but...if she wanted to improve this season...she did need her. And this began what was sure to be a very grueling season.

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