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The Franchesca Equation 9
Written by Wolfnumber9

December 13th, 2019: Don’t be me.

Swish. Alexa was at the local gym with her trainer again. Thankfully this session was going quite well. The whole month, Vanessa has been pushing Alexa to score more and be more confident so making 15 free throws in a row was a step in the right direction. Swish.

“16. Keep it up.” Said Vanessa. She sat on the bench cause her prosthetic leg was bothering her lately, but she was still able to yell at Alexa’s mistakes.

“Whoa!” Said Alexa. “This has got to be a new record right?”

“Stay focused and we’ll find out! Come on, let’s get to 20!”

“Come on Vanessa. You can’t give me just a little praise, hehe?”

“Just shoot the free throws.”

Alexa did as she was told, but kept the conversation going. “So, I was wondering, what were you up to when Judah and I left for thanksgiving?”

“I drank beer and watched football. Now enough talking and focus.”

Swish. “Well, that’s sounds lonely...that’s 17 by the way.”

“I like being alone.”

“Well, clearly not since you barged your way in my new apartment.”

“You are very chatty today huh? Do we need to run laps instead?”

“I’m just trying to figure you out Vanessa.” Swish. “Ha, 18!”

“Stop celebrating so much and focus!”

“Well, why can’t I celebrate? I’m pretty sure this a new record for me.”

“Yea, and your teammates have already made twice as much as you. Now focus!”

“I am focused! Why can’t you just give me some credit for my hard work once in a while?!”

“You’re at the bottom of the bench! You want me to give you credit for that? You haven’t done anything in the league but cause drama and marry a rich husband!”

“What?!” Alexa slammed the ball down on the ground and it bounced away. “You take that back!”

“Oh great. Now her feelings are hurt. Why don’t you do what you always do and bang your husband to feel better and ignore your problems. Learn to handle the truth Alexa.”

“The truth?! The truth is that you’re a spiteful, freeloading, drunk that does nothing but make me feel bad about myself and I’m just trying to figure out why! What the hell is wrong with you?! What did your parents not love you enough or some shit you freakin’ emo bitch!”

Vanessa was silent as she slowly got up and limped over to Alexa until she was right in front of her.

“You wanna go down this rabbit hole? Then fine.” Vanessa started. “When I was 19, I was a college star athlete in a small school, just like you. Averaged 30 points a game, had the stadium filled. Scouts never showed up there, but I was already dreaming big. I had the FBA in my sights. I partied a lot, had a boyfriend, never went to practice, and I still dropped 30 every night. Basketball was just easy for me, so I didn’t focus...then one night, my boyfriend drove my parents and I home from one of my games. He was driving so reckless to scare my parents. I thought it was pretty funny at the time...until an 18-wheeler hit us on my side of the car...I closed my eyes, but could tell we flipped around like 3 times and when I open them...I saw that my leg was crushed and everyone else in the car was dead. My family, my love, my dreams, all gone in one night…”

“Oh god…”Alexa was in shock. She didn’t know what else to say. “I’ sorry.”

“I don’t need your sorrys Alexa!...I just need you to be better than me...fuck it. Practice is over. Let’s go home.”

Vanessa began to limp her way to the exit. Alexa watched her and felt so stupid for prying so hard...but of all the people she chose to train, she chose Alexa. That had to mean she cared about her and Alexa needed to return the favor.

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