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The One Good Thing - Part 1
Written by Blades

The One Good Thing part 1: The Tears We Cry...

...13 hours ago...

"Listen Suzanne...your brothers are gonna be fine, both of them..." Consoling the little raccoon, drying her tears best she could. "But I need your help sweetie. Now his note said he went home...If that's not here, where would he go?"

Suzie tried to think past her sadness. "I...maybe...maybe our old home..."

"In North Carolina?"


"What was the town? Street and home number?"

"Rosewood...127 ummm...Ruby Street I think..."

Lindsey patted Suzanne on the head. "Yes! That's all the info I need! Thank you so much Suzie!"

The sad little raccoon cracked a smile finally. "'re welcome Miss Lindsey."

"Now don't you worry your little mind okay? Draw Lance a get well card and i'll worry about getting Ash it?"

"Yes ma'am."

Lindsey turns from her with a gentle smile, looking back to Toby now. "Keep her busy, okay? Keep her happy and smiling..."

"Not a problem love. You keep safe out there alright?" Toby taking his loving wife into a hug.

"Promise." giving him a kiss on the cheek before turning to the door and pulling out her phone "Get me on the next flight to Raleigh..."

...1 Hour Ago...

Finally, the sign came into view...'Welcome to Rosewood.' Lindsey glanced at the clock on the car dashboard. "C'mon Ash. Please...please be okay." The cab speeding as she headed to the address listed. "Got a bad feeling about this..."

The driver seemed to keep getting turned around and lost in the heavy rainpour. Much as she wanted to say something, maybe better not to rock the boat. "C'mon, c'mon...Ruby street...where are you..."

...Current Time...

Finally...127 Ruby Street...Lindsey slowly approached the front door, looking about at her surroundings. "Yep...Maine license plate...he's here..." truding up the steps and knocking on the door. "Ash? Ash! You there?" only to have the door creek open on the second knock. Immediately as the door creaked open she saw...empty bottles on the floor of the ranch house.

"What in'd he..." sighing and shaking her head. "Nevermind that..." resolute to continue her search. Ash was needed by so many right now. Nowhere to be found in the den but...faint music could be heard. A guitar...had to be him. She simply kept quiet and followed the music to the back of the house.

Opening the final door in the back hallway, she'd find Ash hunched over a guitar looking disheveled and dirty. There were also several bottles scattered about him...yet despite the implied state he was in, his music sounded beautiful. Always seemed the broken created the most beautiful of things...

Lindsey wanted to snap out at him, but something stopped her...a different tactic might work here. Let him just...finish his song...

"That...that was beautiful Ash..." as the last note played, Lindsey resting a hand on Ash's shoulder, noticing a new Tides 34 patch added to his jacket sleeve.

Ash winced at the contact, springing up a bit in defense but stopping when he saw the collie. "Li...Lindsey?!? How'd you get damn address?" panicky and clearly quite out of it.

"The world's best little sister told who's who's hero's in the who needs her brother in her hour of need..." her tone getting notably harsher with each statement.

Ash paused, sad and grimacing "Ah, what the hell can I do?!? I failed...failed her...failed Lance..." Strumming the guitar hard. "Damnit!"

"Don't give me that crap! You think sitting on your tail here, losing your mind's gonna help Lance heal or make Suzanne happy again? You can't run from these things."

Ash just looked down for a minute, now breaking into tears "I'm a gotdamn mess! I...I'm such a screw-up! I couldn't do it...Now, I just wanted to be on the olympic squad to keep Lance from takin' that bitch-shot like that!"

Lindsey sighed, sitting on the bedside and opening her arms for the sad raccoon. "You just can't control everything. You think had you been on that team you'd been able to stop that?"

"Maybe...I woulda gladly took that hit..."

"We know you would've Ash. can't change the past..."

"Doesn't change the fact that this hurts...badly! And on a cheapshot like that...DelGado's a deadman whenever I see him on the hardwood!" shaking a fist haphazardly.

"Ash...I're angry and you wanna right what's wrong but what'd Peter Conner teach you..."

"To have peace..." Ash pausing a minute "Something i've never been able to find..."

"Well I doubt you found any peace in the bottom of any of those bottles..."

"No...not a damn one...I feel awful, like a loser...I'm barely holdin' it together."

Lindsey rolled her eyes "Well who woulda guessed..." taking his hand "Let's get you cleaned up...shower, clean'll all help..."

Ash listlessly followed her directions, getting showered up and changed into a clean shirt and boxer briefs, half being pushed about by Lindsey but needing to be guided by her in his compromised state. "How long you been on this kick again Ash?"

"Two days...barely got even...six hours of sleep. But that part's just my...insomnia..."

"Still not tired somehow?"

"Not at all..."

"Well...let's talk then..." Lindsey brewing some calming tea...naptime tea to be exact.. Clearly there was a lot to unpack as always...

"Look...if you need...we can take a day or two to unpack all this. But you're back in Bangor by the end of the it? Hopefully Lance can have visitors by then."

"I'll be the first one there...well, me and Suzie but...y'know..." Stumbling again, Lindsey guiding him to the kitchen chair.

"For now...drink the tea and spill the tea..." Lindsey giving him his cup.

Ash began sipping at it, still looking sad and dejected. "I just failed...I couldn't keep her happy..."

"Again Ash...You can't control everything about the world. But even if you can't fully shield can at least make it better..."

"How though..."

"Being there's a good start. Honestly the best thing you coulda done was cry alongside her like she said you did."

"That's just a show of weakness...i'm the man of the house, I got no choice but to be strong."

"Ash...even heroes can be sad...Emotions aren't a show of weakness."

"Same time they kinda are though..."

Lindsey sighed again "Silly, silly racc...You still got some growing up to do..." booping his nose lightly. Seemed after a little more indistinct chatter, the naptime tea began kicking in Ash yawning. "I...I think I need to lie down..." Stretching out. He began to stumble over to the couch, laying down haphazardly. "Oh Ashley...lemme fix that." Lindsey adjusting him on the couch to lay on his side properly. Lindsey in the meantime pulled her jeans off and crashed on the recliner. She seemed to shoot several glances at the raccoon as she tried to nod off. "Things'll be okay...promise..." she whispered before nodding off.

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