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The One Good Thing - Part 2
Written by Blades

The One Good Thing part 2: Million Reasons

...Early The Next Morning...

Ash awoke to a stinging headache and a bottle of Infuriade. "Ahhhh...damnit! This sucks..." Sitting up slowly before feeling some of his previous binge coming up. "Gotdamnit!" scrambling to the bathroom, upchucking the contents of his stomach into the toilet. He sat back up in pain, feeling the burn in his mouth and grabbing for the sink, lapping up water as fast as he could. "That was...disgusting."

"What'd you expect, strawberry milkshake?" Lindsey giggling a bit. "Anyways...I made some breakfast when you're ready. Might not feel hungry after that but you gonna have something in your system." walking back out of the bathroom.

Ash just sat there for a minute, pondering just what in the hell he'd done. Why'd he think that was a good idea? Was this some weird...'Come-To-Jesus' moment as they say in films? Whatever it was...he had to get past...this. He dragged himself to the kitchen table, finding a plate of bacon and pancakes.

"So guess your appetite is better now?"

"Better's not exactly the best word...but you're right. I gotta eat." Hesitantly digging in. "And...thanks for pullin' me outta the bottom of the world there..."

"Of course, couldn't just leave you to just lose it.Umm...Hope you don't mind I skipped the chocolate...figured it'd be hard on your stomach. Not to mention...dogs and chocolate..." chuckling a bit at the last bit " still got some explainin' to do."

"Tell me what I don't know..."

"So why the hell would you think this is a good idea?"

"I don't remember what I thought it was just...I didn't wanna be around Suzie, Danica...and Mama like that. Seein' me weak and helpless..."

"Let's be abandoned them. That's the weakest stuff I can think of out of character for you. You'd never leave her side..."

"But...but...I did..." welling up in the eyes again.

"It ain't too late to fix. All you gotta do is get back to Bangor. We'll clean up these bottles, make it like this never happened. Save for you and me that is...I think you need to remember this..."

"I don't wanna though...ain't I sufferin' enough."

"Not all the suffering...just remember how these actions made you feel so you might avoid them next time...Suzie's already got one brother in the hospital, she don't need another in there right now."

"I..." rubbing his eyes. "I think I need to do a few things before we head back. Mind goin' to the gym with me? I need ta' get outta my own head a bit. I'll spot you the guest pass."

"Fine...Whatever you need."

...An Hour Later...

"Y'know Lindsey...this rebounding drill really is fun!"

"I knew you'd like this Ashley..." bopping the ball off her nose, chuckling.

Ash caught the ball, cracking a smile for the first time since she arrived. "I really gotta try workin' this into my routine!"

The two bounced about the court on the gym, laughing and giggling as they passed and shot the ball. Seemed like if only for a minute there was some air of happiness to him. "Who and I'd make a killer pair..."

"Season at hand Ash...after that we can ponder..." giggling again. "Although I gotta say...seeing you kickbox was fun. Who knew you could get angry on cue?"

"Well...when you got an axe to grind and players you wanna sure helps to spur you on."

Lindsey cocked her eye and raised a brow. "C'mon...who can get you that heated...and not in the sexy way either."

"Delmont, Brown, MacQuilkin, and most recently DelGado...take your pick."

"You know...grudges aren't the healthiest things to hang on to..."

"Well which president was it...Forgive one's enemies but never forget their names..."

"'re veering more towards grudge...not forgetting or forgiving...If you pictured them when you were tearing up that heavy bag...I'd hate to be any of them..."

"I seek only to give people their due...nothing more or less."

"Just...don't let it get outta hand. Play alongside Lance, not sit on the bench due to fouling..."

"I know...another thing Peter Conner told me. Have a halo, not horns..."

"We know which you got in the eyes of Suzie..."

"Least...I still hope she does."

"Sooner we return the better the chance...

"I know...There's last thing I need to do while i'm in town...last thing. I promise...that and stopping for ice cream."

"Okay...we'll make it happen."

...Twenty Minutes Later...

"So...why stop in here Ash?"

"I...I needed to visit the rest of my family..." Showing her a pair of gravestones. They read 'Carl Van Zant, Father and Baseball Star.' and 'Kent Van Zant, Son and Gifted Musician' "Yeah...this is the rest of my family...

Lindsey looked at the stones sadly, noticing the dates on Kent's. "Wow...that's...You're older than he lived to."

"Yeah...just one of the sorrows that make it hard to keep the faith."

"Keep the faith?"

"In life...Seemed like I was always just destined to struggle. Kent...then Dad...Part of the reason I stressed you should talk to your brother. I only get to see mine in my dreams now."

"Yeah...I, really really should..." seeming a bit harrowed by Ash's statement.

"Another reason I felt so broken over Lance. When DelGado shotted me it felt like he was hurtin' Kent...doin' that to my brother..."

"So that's where your fire comes from...Not exactly the cleanest thing but...I understand it." Trying carefully not to step on his toes so to speak.

"Yeah...people ain't gotta like it, but least someone can understand why."

"Through it all, I just guess...I got tired of life handing me a million reasons to just stop."

"But got a million and one reasons to keep going..."

"Was gonna say I only need one good one but...i'll take that. Just gets really hard to keep the faith sometimes..."

"When it does...just remember us...Mama Trudy, Danica, Lance, Suzanne, me..." pausing for a second or two "Kent...and your father...all reasons to keep going..."

"You all are...I hold you all close. Part of why I get off the handle when this kinda shit happens...cause I care...After all the family I lost. No way i'd let anyone rip it away from me now...Family...Is a righteous cause."

Lindsey sighed a bit "So...ready to head home soon?"

"Yeah...but remember. Stop for Ice cream before we hit the road."

"Yes, yes, we'll get ice cream." Lindsey beginning to walk back to the car.

Ash stayed back for only a minute, gently laying his hand on the gravestones "Love ya ya Dad..." walking back to the car now.

...Another Twenty Minutes Later...

Ash found himself sprawling out in the backseat of his car as Lindsey drove for the beginning stretch of the long road to Bangor. He just finished his ice cream, looking out the windows at the pouring rain. he still was...He still needed to know. Some confirmation Lance was alright. Soon enough...a notification on his phone. What was this?

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