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The One Good Thing - Part 4
Written by Blades

The One Good Thing part 4: One Last Stop

...Early the Next Morning...

Lindsey stirred as the first light shown through the curtains on the room. Ash was up and getting dressed already. "Good to see ya up bright and breezy Lindsey."

"I thought you hadn't slept for the past few days..."

"When you've been learn to get by on as little as possible. Especially when you gotta stand watch over the world's best little sister."

"I could hardly think of a better brother...though Lance might give you some competition on that."

"Naw...if I gotta tie with anyone in that category, glad it's him."

Lindsey finally got up and dressed. "That's a good attitude to have. said you wanted to leave at first sign of light? Welp...looks like it to me."

"Well, nothing left to do but get home..."

...Four hours later...

"Wait Lindsey...there' more stop I need to make." pointing one one of the tattoo shops in Bangor.

"Why a tattoo shop?"

"You said I should remember this...tattoos are what I use to remember..."

"You didn't get these ideas when you were outta your mind, right?"

"Well...they stuck into sobriety so...i'd say they're legit."

"Fair enough..." Lindsey rolling up to the tattoo shop, walking in with him.

The eagle at the counter looked up with a smile. "Well well, good seein' ya Ash? What's happened lately?"

"I...was just in a bad spot Reg. Perfectly fine now...for the most part."

"I won't press. Sure you got a lot on ya mind right now. So what can I do for you?"

"Lookin' to get a piece on my shoulders...and back of my neck." Handing him a folded piece of paper with a crude sketch on it.

"Alright I can do this up. Can always find time to squeeze in a star." Reg chuckling as he went into the back momentarily. "This'll be a couple minutes so...take a seat."

Ash sat on the bench next to Lindsey, eyes going wide for a second "Damnit, forgot I had another idea..."

"Two tattoos? In one sitting? They can do that."

"Reg let's me cause I pay well." Pulling out another slip of paper. "I want this one on my wrist...he'd probably have time to squeeze you in too if you wanted."

"Oh um...i'm not much for ink Ash..."

"It's for something...bigger than us though."

"I mean..."

"Think about it...gonna be a couple hours in the chair for me anyways can think..." standing up as Reg walked back in, sketch in hand.

"Alright, shirt off, I gotta place this..." Reg presenting the sketch, reading 'Dear Agony, just let go of me...' in a distressed script.

"Hey Reg..." as Ash pulled his shirt off "Could you fit me in for a second piece as well?"

"If it's small yeah...what'cha got?"

Lindsey stood up "Oh, I got it!" walking over and handing him the slip of paper. It had the number 34 in roman numerals on it.

"I want that on the wrist of my shooting hand." Ash piped in.

Reg paused for a second. "Umm...yeah, shouldn't be an issue. Long as you can keep in the chair long enough."

"For this...yeah...I can."

...Two Hours Later...

"And...back piece done..." Reg slapping Ash on the arm playfully. He winced a bit at that. "You really trooped though when I was on your neck..."

"I've handled a lot in my day..."

" you still wanna get the wrist piece done?"

"Yeah in Tides blue please...I gotta do this." Nodding with a slight grin.

"It's your funeral dude..." Reg changing his gloves and loading ink into his machine.

Ash bit his lip as he felt the needle begin to stick him. Wincing in pain but keeping his wrist steady "This is...for"

...Thirty Minutes Later...

Lindsey looked up from the magazine she was reading to see Ash walking out, smiling brightly. "It's done!" turning to let her see.

Lindsey smiled as she stood and walked up to Ash, taking in the new ink. "Dear agony, just let go of me...Kinda fitting for what you've gone through."

Ash nodded "Yeah...sure is. But this..." Holding up his left hand and bearing his wrist to her. "This I hold closer. Everyone else mighta done pins for Lance but...pins come off. But me...that runs deeper...this don't come off."

"Well Ash, glad this has helped you reach a needed catharsis. Now c'mon...i'm sure Suzie's eager to see you."

"Hold up..." Reg speaking up "He said you were considering gettin' the wrist piece?"

"Oh, that was just in joking i'm sure." Lindsey giggling it off.

"C'mon Lindsey...I'll foot the bill..."

"You know things for me and Lance ended on a rough note though."

"For me then? Or maybe to help you remember this? Or just to show support for a legend?"



Back in the driveway of his manor, Ash gulped a bit. "Welp...home again."

"Get in there you! World's best little sister needs you..." Lindsey opening the door. "Guess who's home!?!" bellowing as they stepped inside.

Immediately, the scamper of a pair of small feet could be heard coming down the stairs. "Ashley, Ashley, Ashley!" Suzanne running and hugging her big brother.

"Suzanne! There's my little sister!" Hugging her momentarily before sliding down to make eye contact with her. "Suzie...I'm so sorry I disappeared on you. I promise i'll never, ever, do that again."


"Hero's promise!" Tapping his left wrist to his heart twice before showing her the 34 tattoo.

"It's Lance's number! Can...can I get that hero's mark too?"

"Maybe on your sweet'll probably have progressed in your hero training enough by then." giving Suzie a wink and nod.

"Hey hey...I made Lance these get well cards! Can I take them to him?"

"Soon as he can have visitors, i'll make it our first priority. Sure these'll make him happy. I've been just as eager to see him as you."

The two proceeded to just hug it out for a little bit. As Lindsey stood by with a smile, Toby came up beside her. She patted her husband on the shoulder lovingly. "Mission accomplished Toby...Mission accomplished..."

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