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The Trade
Written by Shataivian

“What the hell did you just do?!” Darcy came storming down the stairs into the living room where Chuck was reading some forms.

“Jesus, woman. What you yellin’ about?” Darcy came right over to Chuck holding her phone up to his face.

“SIGN-AND-TRADE: Dylan Redfield agrees to a $39m, 3 year deal with the Huntsville Mayors and is immediately traded to the Tallahassee Typhoons along with D'Angelo MacQuilkin and $2m in 2020-21 Cap Space in return the Tallahassee Typhoons send Darion Baptiste and Travis Bucker,” read on her phone from a tweet made by the official FBA tweeter account.

“What the hell, Chuck?!”

Chuck slowly pushed the phone out of his face and went back to reading his documents and forms. “What would you have had me done? Dylan wasn’t comin’ back, D’A’s dead weight, and now he and Wendy split up.”

“You’ve been wanting to get rid of D’A since the day you signed him on,” Darcy said with her hands on her hips. “D’A IS Huntsville. You done already got rid of Harrison last year, you really wantin’ to push for a total Huntsville meltdown?”

“Now you listen here,” Chuck slammed his papers down on the mahogany table in front of him. “Huntsville ain’t won a championship since about the time D’A joined. Why the hell would I keep something that clearly ain’t been working? I gave him a chance! He’s barely even bench worthy. And with this fight between him and Wendy, I knew one of ‘em had to go. It sure as hell wasn’t gonna be Wendy.”

Darcy scrolled through her phone and pulled up a picture of Chuck during last season’s Superheroes Night promo. Chuck was wearing a red wig and 3D glasses. “See this? What happened to that support you were giving him?”

“Woman, I ain’t need to repeat myself!”

“And for Buckner?!”

“What the hell’s wrong with that?!”

“You might as well of fought for Dylan,” Darcy huffed.

“It was a chance to get rid of D’A. No one was gonna take ‘em otherwise.” Chuck looked down on his papers, though he wasn’t really focusing on anything.

“Right. Except for your rivals in the same damn division. Wonder how THAT’LL play out.” Chuck only grumbled back in response. “And what’s with that contract offer to Jose? You TRYING to become Tallahassee?”

“Are you done,” Chuck boomed.

Coming down the stairs was a young wolf rubbing his eyes. “Mama? Papa?” Darcy held out her arms and scooped up the young pup.

“Oh, it’s okay, darlin’ We ain’t mean to wake you.” She rocked him and cooed in his ears to calm him. His legs dangled in her arms as she struggled to carry his weight. Chuck started to slowly push himself out of his seat with the intent to help, but Darcy just shook her head and reminding him of his bad back. Although, eventually Darcy had to put the pup down. “Let me tuck you back in.” Again, Chuck pushed himself out of his seat, this time determined to help out.

“I’ll put Léo to bed,” he declared. He guided the pup into the kitchen for a glass of milk and then the two slowly made their way back up the stairs where Chuck would tuck his son in to sleep. Once finished Chuck came downstairs to Darcy now sitting in his seat.

“They say he’s strugglin’,” she said without looking up at Chuck.


“Mmmhmm. They want to do a parent-teacher meetin’ to ‘discuss his behavior.’”

“Ah, that’s ridiculous. Whatever happened to ‘boys will be boys?’” Chuck shuffled across the floor to his lazy chair and slowly but roughly plopped down into it.

“It ain’t a ‘boy’s will be boys’ kinda problem. They think he needs special attention.”

“There we go again! Dammit, if we gave everyone ‘special attention’ we’d end up with a bunch of useless dead weight!”

“Like D’A,” Darcy sarcastically asked.

“Like D’A!”

“Right,” Darcy said slowly. She had fingered through some of the forms and documents Chuck had left on the table and skimmed though them before stopping on a particular sentence. With disbelief she held it up closer to her face to read more of it before letting the page fall. “This is gonna be a rough season for you, ain’t it…?” Darcy whispered.

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