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Their Spider Friend
Written by Zenbas

Special thanks to BladesDaRaccoon for collaborating with me on this and for allowing me to use their characters

"Who is the strongest and the weakest of your peers in the pool, and why?”

Mr Royall, Manager of the Moonshiners had been quizzing the rabbit for the last 15 minutes, listening to his answers carefully‘...And before you ask, it is the first days, I'm aware, but first impressions are everything, wouldn't you say?"

Arther nodded “if you don’t mind me asking do you mean physically or mentally?” Arther said, trying to stall for time as he ran through his options

“Anyway you interpret it”

He was unsure who to pick until he settled on his strongest“ this may seem strange...Ash seems pretty high up there in my opinion...I know Ash hangs around with Lance but that’s not the reason... the way he helps Jojo break out of her shell and bring out the best in her is not something to look over…”

Arther reentered the study with the bag of peas on his head he grabbed from the kitchen. Being able to open up relieved a great weight off his shoulders. With his head clear, he was able to do what he planned originally, catch up with a friend… and maybe ask about another.

“Might aswell make use of them! not going to be eating them any time soon!”

"Nursing that welt's probably for the best. We all know the media'll harp on just about anything."

“Welt?” Arther eyebrows scrunched up, looking confused at the Racoon.

"The knock ya' took on the head."

“Ah! Is that a American thing or did I knock my head that hard?” Arther Chuckles “anyway worst case scenario, i'll brush my hair differently if it becomes a whopper, but yeah let's see if I can bring it down”

"Ice it for the next couple of days just to be sure. Otherwise FMZ will get a good scoop, they will jump at the first sign of a story"

“Hey, thinking about jumping, heard much from JoJo? Been meaning to catch up with her but...” flashing his phone “its a bit of a sea of bullshit in there”

"Been keeping up with her yeah." Ash nodding. "She's happy and doin' fairly well from what I heard. Saw her hit some threes which was nice."

“Yeah she’s really been trying…this seems crazy but you think she’s trying earn some brownie points so they pick her for 3pt contest at all stars?”

"She told me maybe in the future she would. Told me this year she was shootin' for the dunk contest. Actually she wants ta' enlist my help for one of them."

“Oh! fair enough, didn’t think of her as much of a dunker”

"Well even in college it was kind of her style. She'd mostly play close to the basket to rebound and dunk, occasionally pulling away for a three here and there. So maybe she's still goin' for that kinda versatile power forward playstyle."

This revelation about Jojo being a dunker surprised him somewhat, in fact made him more curious about the spider “she just seemed like a quiet spider to me, or am i just that bad at reading people?”

"Personality-wise you read her like a book. She is rather quiet and reserved, very down to earth. Maybe it's part of the reason we clicked together so well...opposites attract and all."

“makes sense why we get get along too, before the whole no1 thing, I never thought a rocker like you would even clock a fur like me… do you think she’s feeling the pressure like us?”

"She seems at ease from what I know. In a way...kinda envy her."

“i kinda too...Just don’t admit that to her please”

"That goes for you and myself my friend." Nodding in assurance. "But think about it, fairly little hype but decent minutes and a GM who made it clear she could take this season to just learn. Opposed to you and I who kinda got thrown into the fire straight away."

“yeah, who knows she might be the next healer for all we know”

"Who knows? It's important we be our own players as well though. Much As I wanna be like Marcus Knight."

Out of nowhere, A dial tone plays in the background on Ash's end “Oh, hold on I gotta check this” he said as he went off camera with his phone.

“No worries” Arther took sips of his tea and let his mind wonder yet again. Never would of took Jojo as a dunker, guess don’t judge a book by its cover, So glad spider sense isn’t a thing, otherwise her noise holes would be burning right now

A moment later Ash comes off his phone, hand over the speaker "Hey Arther, guess what? It's JoJo!"

Arther nearly spits out his tea at the coincidence, i mean it is a coincidence...right? “O-Oh!...hey JoJo!”before mouthing to Ash ‘is she ok?’

Ash gives a thumbs up to Arther as he puts the phone on speaker "Well hi Arther!" JoJo said through the phone

“H-hey erm...”Caught off guard by Ash’s decision to put her on speaker, he racked his brain for any small talk, even if he knew the answer. “So..How’s life?”

"It's going pretty well! I'm really happy where I am."

“nice...erm...I hear you got with with a certain bat?”

"That's right, me and Trevor are a thing now!" JoJo exclaimed.

“Hey Congrats!” Arther mouthed again to Ash ‘do you want to get her on here? Or would you rather talk alone?’

Ash nodded yes to Arther and talked back to her college friend. "Hey JoJo, wanna hop on skype? We'll put you in our call."

“Yeah, should be easy enough.” Arther confirmed

“Sure” “let me get to the computer, talks to you in the sec”

As the call ended arther realised ‘wait...the peas!’

“The what?”

“The peas!” Pointing to the bag on his head ‘Should I let her see?”

"Don't worry, there's no press around dude." Ash reassured Arther

“Still i look like a right dunce...what’s she gonna think?”

Ash rolled his eyes "If you're so worried. just throw a nightcap on if you got one. That might cover it."

“dude I may be British but I’m not posh, I’m a farmer, also its not that dark know what I’ll Madagascar it, its fine”


“Smile and wave”

Ash Sighed as she got Jojo onto the call "Whatever works man. Do whatever ya gotta."

Within moments, JoJo joined in he call in her flannel shirt and her faded jeans. "Hey boys."

The Pair greeted their spider friend with a smile. being the first time the group had been together since the combine, the sight of her seems to make the pair more relaxed "Nice to see the both of you, that's for sure!" Ash exclaimed

“yeah its nice to see you too” Arther said with a smile

Clocking Arthers nervous energy, Jojo concentration went to to the Bun“Oh Arther...what's the matter?"

“N-Nothing at all! It's not like I had a fight with a table and lost” he took a moment to process what he said “I just blurted that out didn’t I?”

"Oh, didn't hurt yourself didn't you?"

“Oh no, it's just a small bump, I'll be fine, the only thing that hurts is my pride...”

"Well that ain't the worst thing to hurt."

Ash chimed in "Like when I tweaked my ankle against the Spirits...That sucked."

“Fair point…” Arther sighed “guess I’m complaining at nothing, just wished it was something cooler like a black eye”

"Oh don’t worry Arther, I bump my head all the time." JoJo giggling as she finished the sentence.

Arther gives a chuckle and blushes as he desperately tries to change the subject from his sheer clumsiness “...o-oh I hear your going to try for the duck contest...I mean dunk! Dunk! You...nervous at all?”

"Well a little bit of course. Still working out what all my dunks'll be."

“Yeah... I would have no idea where to start with that, I guess the hardest thing would be trying to keep it a secret, especially with FMZ sneaking around”

"Right. Seems like them types would camp out in a tree to try a get a picture of you."

“Yeah alreay had a...” arther started to talk before clocking what was said, the fact that she knew about that tactic meant...“Wait, have FMZ been bothering you too?”

"Well...not terribly but y'know...when love blossoms and all...Me and Trevor have gotten some buzz over our relationship."

Both Ash and Arther looked at each other during Jojo’s admission, the pair were shocked to hear that the scavengers were picking at her too. Arther was the one to break the silence between the pair “I know people wanted to know about the newest couple but damn... guess the sweetheart of the FBA is not safe from FMZ’s rampage, would have thought they left you alone.”

Ash seemed unhappy that JoJo was drawing the buzz. "Of all the people we thought they'd never touch..."

“Well that could be easily fixed, we just need another outburst” Arther says in a teasing manner

"Hey! That's only for breakin' losin' streaks." Ash jokingly retorting back

“We have to do something, FMZ can only take so much embarrassing photos of me before being bored”

Ash chuckled "True, true...though come ta' think of it you haven't had that many bad pics of ya' out there. On a sidenote...glad none of the press got a pic of me flippin' 'em off after Lance's incident..."

“You caught them off guard, that what the get for not respecting the rising tides. As for embarrassing pictures they are out there trust me... mostly young me but still, FMZ just don’t know where to look”

JoJo smiled "Oh that's all? Just childhood pictures? Wait...they can publish those?"

“In a dry season, I wouldn’t put it pass them”

"You never know when somethin' weird'll come up about you, true or otherwise.” Ash commented wile taking another sip of his drink “well either can be troublesome, I’m just glad that HoVo have got my back if anything goes awry, I think i would of gone crazy ages ago”

“At least they will give us a chance to learn the dance. Cuz at the moment I’m flying by the seat of my pants!”

"Yeah, glad I got HoVo. They really stood by me on that fine. Also, nice little rhyme there."

Arther thinks for a moment “huh guess I was a poet and didn’t know it”

"There it is again!" JoJo chuckled

Time seemed to whiz by as the group caught up, talking about whatever came to mind. Jojo’s energy seemed to put everyone at ease; lowering their guards and talking without a care who listened.

“Right its been fun” Jojo said “but I better get going, I need to catch up with Trevor. Been nice to catch up with the rising tide and the rising moon again”

“Rising...moon?” Arther quizzed Jojo

“Well sleeping bun is not a good nickname” Ash fired back in a joking manner

“Har har very funny, well let's workshop it next time,I better be off too, been nice to catch up again, I’ll catch you later”

“See you both on the court, make sure to bring your A game”

“Will Do! See ya”

As the call ended, Arther leaned back in his chair and smiled to himself “never a dull moment with that pair, i’m one lucky bun”

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