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Why we play 6
Written by Wolfnumber9

September 14th, 2020: How it ends.

I never thought I would find myself sitting here again. Sitting in the same restaurant where my mother told me to meet her. I’ve called her and asked to talk to her all summer since she stood me up last time...but I guess what I got instead wasn’t bad either. That’s where I met Cia. The little snake girl with the crazy long tail being raised by two crazy coyotes, heh...we’re probably the most unlikely family, but hey, we make it work. And I will never abandon her like…

“Cloricia?” A voice called out. I looked up and...honestly, I couldn’t believe what I saw. This thin, old, frail looking woman that stood by the table. She was in this dark blue dress. Her fur was white and so was her hair. She looked at me with exhausted, worn out eyes and tried to smile, but even that seemed like it took a lot out of her….but it was her. I never forgot her voice. She sat down across from me and took a deep breath.

“Heh...I’m guessing you were expecting me to be 200 pounds heavier, right?” She Answered.

“Yea...I guess it’s been a long time...and looks like you’re doing well for yourself. You look good. How’s the new husband?” I said back with sarcasm.

“Old, stubborn, and I basically run his whole company...and you don’t have to lie to me. I know you hate me Tex...I know because I hate myself everyday.”

“Only my friends call me Tex…”

“Right...well...I’d like you to know that, well, I’ve been practicing for this moment for a long time and...and my therapist said that it’s best that we just ask all the questions we want to ask and...see what happens.”

“Your therapist?” I asked...I really didn’t know anything about her. “Okay. Fine. Why did you leave my dad?”

“Oh...I see you are starting with that question.” She said nervously.

“Not just starting, ending too. Once I have this answer, I’m gone. Out the door. Closing this book in my life for good.”

She took a deep breath, but my gaze was locked on to her. I could tell she could see my rage...and so she began.

“I love him so much. I still hold him in my heart to this day...I remember when we met in college. I would be so stressed studying all day, I used to stress eat even back then and...he would come to my room without a care in the world. He was my everything. No one could make me happier...and that was when I got pregnant. My parents were livid. Practically disowned me...but Manuel was there for me. Always there to put a smile on my face. Then we quit college, used all the money we had to rent the cheapest house we could find and let me tell you Manuel and I worked or paws to the bone to keep a float. I remember seeing him so run down everyday...and I was no better, just fat and pregnant and barely taking care of myself. But we continued on, thinking that when you came it would all be worth it...and when you were born, things really changed. Manuel, he...became so angry and bitter and started drinking. He just kept blaming you for everything that went wrong, but I knew what it really was...he was angry that he could no longer make me happy...I was depressed, I was stressed, probably the heaviest I’ve ever been, my doctor practically gave up on me...we realized too late that we were young and careless and had no plan when everything went to shit...I swear the only thing keeping me going was that little twinkle in your eyes I saw everyday. You had that same charm your father had before he lost it...I’m sure you remember the countless fights we had every night, then one night I was just so weak and tired that...I just left. Walked out the house and just kept walking until I couldn’t walk anymore. Zarabi found me the next day...I sent divorce papers out the next week...and still to this day...I could never decide what hurt worse...the destructive path I was on or” She started to cry softly. “The pain of losing you...I’m sorry...I’m sorry, I know I have no business crying in front of you. I will never forgive myself for abandoning you, but...but that’s why I left…I’m so so very sorry.”

I stood up from my seat. I then walk towards her. I had no tears in my eyes, no sadness in my heart. I’ve cried all the tears I had over the years...I know exactly what to do now.

“I don’t want to be mad at you anymore...I’m done crying about it. I’m done being angry...I get it. You followed your dreams and you fucked it up...I’ve been doing that my damn whole life...but I’m still here, still fighting...and the only thing that got me here was love so…” I sat next to her and I hugged her tight. It wasn’t at all like I remembered. She used to be so soft and warm, but now I felt like I could easily break her if I wasn’t too careful. I could tell she was in shock. I softly said: “I love you...and I forgive you.”

She began to cry, very loudly this time. I could probably sense the people around us were staring...but who cares. This hug may have not been what I remembered, but hearing her voice, holding her close, this is what I missed. This is what missed for over 20 years...and it was worth it.

“Wait...Wait, I…” She let go for a moment. “I want to give you something...After all these years, I wanted to do right by you.”

“Mom, Wait, you don’t have to…” she interrupted me as she handed me some papers...the two words that caught my eye were Cia’s name and...adoption.

“What? this?” I said in shock.

“I said I would find her the right family...I should’ve known from the start that it was you.” My mother said. “I proud of you Cloricia...So proud of the woman you grew up to be...and the mother you are going to and Teresa sign right there and you will be the official legal guardians. I’ll handle the rest...I know you’ll be twice the mother that I could ever be…”

I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but after looking at this paper, I couldn’t hold back anymore. This was better than any trophy I could ever get...I am a mother.

“ last thing…” She Asked.

I tried wiping my eyes, but I knew I already looked like a sobbing mess. I guess I got that from my mother.

“I just have to know….did he go peacefully?”

I tried to gather myself. I know my voice would be shaky regardless, but I said: “We sat together, and we watched one of my games...he said it was his favorite thing to watch because he was so proud of me and that I had your smile…and the last time I saw him, I saw him with a smile on his face as he hugged me...and I know that if he was here now, he would’ve said that he still loves you...because I still love you mom.”

My name is Cloricia Teixeira. Daughter of Manuel and Maria Teixeira. I was an FBA player, but I didn't win any awards, or break records, or win championships so most will see my career as a failure...but they can think that all they want, because I got something better than a trophy. I have a beautiful wife, I have a loving daughter, and I achieved a goal that I made when I was just seven years old...I found out I had my parents' love, all along.

((Maria divorced her husband and, thanks to some helpful connections, started a company of her own. She now owns three hotels, one location in Seattle so she can make regular visits to her new family. Teresa went back to being an agent, now representing two music artists...both of which Cia is a fan of. Speaking of Cia, she loves school in Seattle and is a perfect student...okay, she may get into trouble a few times. I think she gets it from her mothers. But hey, I hear she just made her first basketball team. Cloricia is now the assistant coach of the Seattle Summit. She loves her new job, mostly because she gets to do the yelling now instead of getting yelled at, but really because she loves helping other players reach their full potential...and she is looking forward to looking in the crowd at home games and seeing her family cheer her on. Thank C-Cat for letting this wolf write and create for this character for so many years. Thank you to the FBA for allowing me to create this story. And thank you to any who has followed the story this long. Cloricia reminded me that winning isn’t everything and that it’s okay to be the loser. Sometimes it can even be fun and you can find out what you accomplished instead. Thank you all)) THE END

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