Tanya Feckle

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Tanya Feckle
(Gerenuk, F/G)
Pac tanya feckle icon.jpg
Drawn by Pac
No. 86 – Biloxi Voodoo
Position Swingfur
Species Gerenuk ( Bovidae )
Gender Female
Personal information
Born (1992-05-08) May 8, 1992 (age 28)
Stamford, CT
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
Listed weight 232 lb (105 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School Pensacola Predatorial & Mechanical
FBA draft 2014 / Round: 2 / Pick: 25th overall
Selected by the Hawaii Kahunas
Pro playing career 2014–present
Career history
2014-2016 Hawaii Kahunas
2016-present Biloxi Voodoo
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2015)
Contract information
Contract year 2014
2020 Salary $11.5 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Corker (male platypus)
(OOC) Creator Kinto
(OOC) Actor Kinto
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Tanya Kirby Feckle (Gerenuk, born May 8, 1992) is a professional basketball player for the Biloxi Voodoo of the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).


Pros: Gerenuk agility, a team player, plays well with predators, aggressive down low Cons: Gerenuk fragility, sometimes aggressive to the point of recklessness on the court, morbid appearance, possibly a pyromaniac

Tanya Feckle the gerenuk never wanted to be a ballerina. This might not have been such a big deal, were it not for that fact that both her parents danced ballet professionally. As gerenuks, their long limbs and natural grace made them uniquely well-suited to it. It was only natural for them to expect their fawns to follow in their hoofsteps, and indeed two of their three offspring took to it with gusto.

Their middle child, Tanya, however, wanted none of it. Tanya’s resistance to the noble art of ballet culminated in her throwing her tutu in the studio trash, setting it on fire, triggering the smoke alarm, and evacuating the whole building. According to her parents, they withdrew her from the program. According to the studio, Tanya was expelled.

Tanya’s rebellion didn’t end there. She began wearing nothing but black and dark makeup. Infuriatingly, her parents were nothing but supportive, even taking her out on her birthday to upgrade her clip-on piercings to the real thing. They made it clear to her that they just wanted her to be happy and comfortable with who she was. To further distance herself from her upbringing, Tanya started eating red meat and hanging out with predator peers, and she joined them in their favorite pastime: basketball.

The gothic gerenuk was more than a little surprised: Basketball was fun, and she was /good/ at it. As loath as she was to admit it, her nimbleness and balance, honed by ballet lessons, made her a force to be reckoned with on the court. Her desire to distance herself from her parents’ shadow drove her to devote every spare moment to developing her newfound talent/passion. Her parents continued to encourage her, never expressing anything but pride for her accomplishments.

After leading her high school team to the state championship Tanya earned an athletic scholarship to Pensacola Predatorial & Mechanical, a predator-majority school in Florida; her parents treated this as no less of a triumph than her older brother earning a dressage scholarship to Equine Heights, an absurdly rare honor for a non-equine. At Pensacola, Tanya developed an unusually aggressive style on the court, favoring sharp changes of direction and close combat in the low post. Though primarily focused on offense, her long limbs make her adept at defense as well.

Her goth phase has endured through her college years, though those who know her well learn that the morbid attitude she projects to the rest of the world is largely a façade. With friends and teammates, and especially on the court, she is very lively and gregarious. Her piercings and body modifications have accumulated over the years, and are mostly themed around her identity as a prey species. Her most striking body art is scarification on her long neck demonstrating where a feral lion would place its teeth to deliver a fatal “throat clamp.” A recent addition is an X branded on her forehead demonstrating where a slaughterhouse worker would aim a boltgun to induce instant brain death. She wears a plastic livestock-style tag in her right ear; she has a variety of different ones she rotates depending on mood and occasion. Tanya still eats red meat and prefers the company of predators to other prey species.

Gerenuks are known as much for their fragility as their agility. Even those who avoid sports can expect to break a limb once in their life. That Tanya has so far avoided major injury is a small miracle. There are even some baseless rumors that she is not a purebred gerenuk. Her paternal grandmother has gone so far as to accuse Tanya’s mother of having had an affair with an eland.

Tanya Feckle has submitted her name for the 2014 FBA Draft.