Tennessee Moonshiners

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Tennessee Moonshiners
2018-2019 Tennessee Moonshiners season
Tennessee Moonshiners logo
Conference Eastern
Division Southern
Founded 1994
History Tennessee Moonshiners (1994-present)
Arena The Still (aka "The Basket and Ball")
City Nashville, TN
Team colors Green, Orange and Yellow


Owner(s) Verminus Industries
RL Primary Contact Harlow
RL Secondary Contact Kovtara
General manager Thomas Royall (Male White Tailed Deer)
Head coach Lamar Couture (Male Goat)
Assistant coach Hudson Jarvis (male spotted skunk)
Lead trainer Brock Fordham (male badger)
Championships 1 (2014)
Conference titles 1 (2014)
Division titles 3 (2011, 2014, 2017)

The Tennessee Moonshiners are a professional basketball team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They play in the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Current Roster

Tennessee Moonshiners Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 734.jpg
PID 517.jpg
PID 1034.jpg
PID 862.jpg
PID 733.jpg
9 Hank Sawyer (Virginia Opossum, G) 6 Russell Savoy (Binturong, G/F) 90 Alexa Franchesca (Black Panther, F/G) 91 Tryce Peter Mallark (Gelada Baboon, F) 74 Hal Dufrain (American Alligator, F/C)
Center Guard Guard Center Guard
PID 152.jpg
PID 410.jpg
PID 91.jpg
PID 587.jpg
PID 1060.jpg
18 Darius Cole (Alligator, C) 24 Merill Providence (Raccoon-taur, G) 3 Bobby-Rae Brine (Stingray, G) 96 Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C) 17 Kiara Hughes (Spotted Leopard, G)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Forward Center Forward Guard Swingfur
PID 943.jpg
PID 190.jpg
PID 357.jpg
PID 781.jpg
PID 1024.jpg
34 Marshall Anderson-Rhodes (Clouded Leopard, F) 55 Eli Schuck (Pangolin, C) 50 Rachel Barsky (Alaskan Malamute, F) 4 Sarah Michelle Dunbar (Mountain Hare, G) 69 Sonoma Blevins (Pine Marten, G/F)
Head Coach Use Only:

2018-2019 Budget for Total
Buyout Available
Tennessee Moonshiners 87.5 83.5 0.0 +4.0

Tennessee Moonshiners Team Contracts
Name 19 20 21 22 23
Hank Sawyer 4.5 5.0 5.0
Russell Savoy 8.5
Alexa Franchesca 3.0 3.0
Tryce Peter Mallark 8.5 10.0 11.5 12.0
Hal Dufrain 8.0 9.0 9.0
Darius Cole 9.0 10.0 10.0 13.0
Merill Providence 6.0 7.0 7.0
Bobby-Rae Brine 4.0 4.5
Timur Tomilin 6.0 6.0
Kiara Hughes 3.0 3.0
Marshall Anderson-Rhodes 3.0
Eli Schuck 5.5 5.5
Rachel Barsky 6.0 7.0 7.0
Sarah Michelle Dunbar 7.0 8.0
Sonoma Blevins 1.5