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Thunder Bay Predator College is a post-secondary institution whose main campus is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The school was originally a provincially-funded institution, founded to cater exclusively to predator species. In later years, due to mounting threats from the government of Ontario about suspending funding unless the institution agreed to admit prey species, TBPC became privately-funded, relying largely on donations from private donors. Though admission requirements have softened, the population of the school remains heavily comprised of predator species, with omnivores and prey species making up only a small portion of the population.

General Information

Though offering a wide variety of faculties and departments, the school is best known for its programs in Natural Resources Management.

TBPC has a reputation as a strong competitor in sports. Its various sports teams, referred to as the Apex, place consistently high in Canadian Furry Intercollegiate Sports contests. Despite this, it is rare to find their alumni performing at a professional level.


The school has a strong reputation as a haven for predator supremacist sentiment. Even students that are predator species have reported an aggressively competitive attitude throughout the student body. Many students claim that the school subscribes to an 'alpha' mentality - where all students should constantly be competing to be the singular best.

There are rumours of intense hazing rituals, as well as harassment of non-predator species. These attitudes are pushed by many fraternities, sororities, and student organizations. Independent investigations have even suggested that some of these organizations serve as on-campus recruitment for noted pred supremacist groups.

While TBPC administration actively denies these allegations and has spoken out against such sentiments on several occasions, many critics have noted that they have done nothing to curtail the growth of pred supremacist attitudes at the school. Within the city of Thunder Bay, there is devision in supporting the school. There are those that question the impact that the school is having on the city's reputation as a welcoming community. Others say that the school appeals to traditional predator values, and that it should be championed as one of the few remaining academic institutions to do so.

Former Students