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The UFFL (United Furry Football League) is a fictional American Football simulation league (similar to FBA) but centric on anthropomorphic and furry culture. It is a sister league and shares a universe with the FBA. Both the FBA and UFFL take place within the same canon and share similar rules and logic.

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About the FBA

In 2009, after nearly one hundred years of consecutive operation, the Furry Football League dissolved after years of financial hardship and litigation stemming from recurrent labor issues and declining attendance. For three years North America was without a professional football league until a marketing firm was approached by a group of former FFL owners about reforming the league. So it came to be that in the early Spring of 2013 the FFL brand was rekindled and plans were laid out for an inaugural season. That season never happened though due to investment concerns.

Nearly a year later, a group of potential owners from the failed FFL restart met with Beaux Flosse and other interested parties about starting an entirely new league based on local fan support, community involvement, and the tradition of good, American football. A couple months later, the United Furry Football League or UFFL, was officially founded. From the FFL-restart came the Fargo Axemen, the Las Vegas Bandits, the Orange County Fire, and the Billings Oilers. Joining them were five renewed franchises from the historical FFL: the Baltimore Ponies, the New York Titans, the Chicago Outlaws, the Texas Ramblers, and the California Dons; as well as newcomers Easton Bald Eagles and North Florida Renegades.

Together these teams and their respective owners and staff are excited about renewing the spirit of American furry football for generations to come!


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