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Custom information
Personal information
Real nameJayni Tigerpaw
LocationTroutman, NC,
HometownGalveston, TX,
BirthdayFebruary 7th
About meJayni Tigerpaw [formerly User:JTigerclaw] is one of the original founders of the FBA with Buck Hopper in 2009. An avid basketball and NBA fan, she has followed the FBA since its inception, contributing numerous original characters and teams, art, stories, jersey and logo designs, stats, salaries and early league history.

Currently part-time managing: Tallahassee Typhoons (GM: Sarah Lancaster), Williamsburg Minutemen (Asst Coach: Gary Wells)

If you'd like to use one of my characters for a story or need to get my input, feel free to contact me or follow me at one of the places listed below. :3

FurAffinity: JayniTigerpaw
Twitter: @JayniTigerpaw
Discord: Jayni #3343