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TriangleDelta is a writer, and the actor for Catherine DeMille, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Frieda Mistry, and Desdemona Iverson. She is the current primary contact for the Alaska Arctics, and was previously the head coach for the San Jose Thrust.

  • Telegram: TriangleDelta

Catherine and Hiro

The following is the recommended reading order for the Catherine and Hiro stories:

High School Stories

The following are a series of stories detailing Catherine's high school life, through the eyes of her friend and rival Hiroyuki Matsuura. The stories are also available on SoFurry here.

Pick-Up Game
Passing Drills
Two Player Drills
Basic Sponsorship
Benefits of Additional Training
Questions of Leadership
Intermediate Sponsorship
Personal Training
Contract Negotiations
Backroom Deals
Advanced Sponsorship
Switching Roles
All-Star Weekend
Lineup Changes
The Off-Season
Scouting Profile

Baltimore Stories

The following are stories taking place during Catherine's time with the Baltimore Spirits, and occur at around the same time as Hiro's participation in the FCAA March Madness tournament.

Hollow Bones
Las Vegas

The Underwood Stories

The following are a series of stories, narrated by Hiro, about Underwood College's participation in the 2014 FCAA March Madness Tournament. The stories heavily feature fellow Underwood draft candidates Bruneau St. Claire, P.J. Zarr, Josh Green, and Cassandra Cassiano. They feature other draft candidates in lesser detail, including Valentine Prudhomme, Kelsey Norath, Adonis Fairheart, and Warren Doyle. The stories are also available here on SoFurry.

Rounds of 64 and 32
Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight
Underwood's Finals

The Reunion

This trilogy of stories covers Catherine's 2014-2015 season with the Dakota Bikers. It details both the fallout of Las Vegas, and Catherine's first confrontations with Hiroyuki Matsuura following him getting drafted by the Montana Howlers.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The End

The following two stories take place during the 2015-2016 season, and detail the end of the Catherine and Hiro's stories together.

February 2, 2016
The End

Desdemona Iverson

The following is the recommended reading order for the Desdemona Iverson stories.

High School Stories

These stories detail Desdemona's time in high school. They are also available here on SoFurry.

Summer 2012
Winter 2014
Spring 2016

Before and After

These stories detail how Desdemona's relationships with her friends changed with her growing fame and talent. They are also available here on SoFurry.

Before and After - Simon
Before and After - Braydon
Before and After - Desi

Other Stories

The following is the location for additional stories featuring Desdemona that do not necessarily fit into the rest of the series' order.

Playing Rough