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Personal Information

Kresblain resides in the city of Los Angeles, California. His professional repertoire outside of the FBA includes cinematography, sound mixing, post-production, creative design and visual story development. Being a character artist by trade, KayBee has contributed a handful of FBA related artwork for many years. He currently holds the position of GM for the Santa Fe Whips and can be found for the most part under the name Kresblain on FA and Skype and @Hubie360 on Twitter.


Samuel Wallace (male groundhog) - Guard for the Santa Fe Whips. Character's original creator unknown.

William Keen (male coyote) - Swingfur for the Dakota Bikers. Character's original creator unknown.

Hubert Bristol (male red panda) - Senior partner of sports management and consulting firm Blitzkrieg Sports & Entertainment Group.

Ryan Shiraishi (male black grizzly) - Assistant coach for the Lorain Firestorm.

Contact information

* Sam Wallace's Twitter: @31Digger
* Hubert Bristol's OOC twitter: @Hubie360
* Skype: Kresblain
* FBA Forum: Kresblian