Victor Vos

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Victor Vos
(Red Fox, G)
Ada VictorVos Bling.jpg
Illustrated by Ada
No. 13 – Retired
Position Guard
Species Red Fox ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (1987-10-06) October 6, 1987 (age 32)
Greensboro, NC
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Listed weight 201 lb (91 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
FBA draft 2007 / Round: 2
Pro playing career 2007–2018
Career history
2007-2010 Baltimore Spirits
2010-2011 Idaho Mounties
2011-2014 Santa Fe Whips
2014-2016 Santa Ana Spectrums
2016-Mar 2018 Baltimore Spirits
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2014
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Buck Hopper
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Victor Rennie Vos is a red fox guard currently playing for the Santa Ana Spectrums.


The Vos Family

The Vos family originates in Baltimore, Maryland, with a long history reaching back before the American revolution. In their home city, the Vos are classic American red foxes-- their city having once been home to a strong grey fox population since overwhelmed by a much more affluent and successful red fox community. Victor's father was certainly one of the affluent as an executive in the city's largest marketing firm, married to a music teacher vixen and living in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods. And as a die hard football fan, the elder Vos loves the Baltimore Ponies, the local UFFL furry football team.

It's unlikely Victor's father would have left Baltimore had it not been for an opportunity to take a job with one of the biggest marketing firms in the country in Greensboro. At the time, his family had grown with three fine young boys, and his wife was pregnant with their fourth pup, a girl. Excited at having a daughter, she worried about making the move to North Carolina while pregnant, but was finally convinced. When their fourth pup died shortly after birth, Victor's mother was devastated, and his father felt incredible guilt, wondering if the move had been responsible.

After a year, the Vos's tried again, and Victor's mother became pregnant a fifth time. This time it was a fourth boy, but being how badly Victor's mother wanted a girl, Victor's father chose not to raise him with the same football passion he had used with his older sons. They used the same name they had reserved for their daughter, changing it from "Victoria" to "Victor", but still called him "Vicky" growing up.


While Victor's mother had long wanted a daughter, her youngest pup was very much a boy, active and playful. However, she was successful in teaching him how to take care of his fur with regular grooming and brushing, how to use makeup and watch his appearance. Where she had failed to get her older sons interested in the music she taught, she managed to get Victor interested in playing flute until she was able to play duets with him. But her biggest success came when she enrolled young Victor into ballet school. Cleverly seeing a way for Victor to find an outlet for his active side, and being well connected with the wealthiest red fox families in North Carolina, she got Victor into a top ballet school for youth where the fox excelled. Committing himself fully to ballet, Victor became their best student, incredibly graceful, brilliant at memorizing entire shows, moving with astonishing fluidity given his top physical condition. All while his jock brothers went into football.


The Victor of that time would have seemed more unusual if he hadn't been so sheltered. Because of his father's wealth, he went to magnet schools where students knew not to upset the son of the powerful marketing executive, even if he was a perfectly groomed, perfectly dressed, ballet-dancing fox. But that changed suddenly in college. After finishing high school, instead of studying dance or music, he was convinced by his father to pursue a more practical degree, finally settling on an advertising program with a school on the West Coast. The experience was shocking for the graceful fox. Far from home and among students unaware of the Vos family standing, he was teased mercilessly for his delicate style. Bullied and laughed at by wolves, coyotes and even other foxes, Victor finally came to realize what a momma's fox he was.

The trouble was he had never seen it that way. He knew he was different from his brothers, but having grown up in it, it never occurred to him that it had been anything different than the usual differences formed by siblings. And since his father had never interfered, he hadn't realized there was anything more feminine about the way he held himself or his interests. He wasn't gay and had never thought of himself as gay, but when he found himself being accused of it daily, he started to see what a pampered fox he had been. He was tempted to call it quits, leave college and run back to Greensboro and the comfort of his parent's den. But he also feared running back to the mother that he started to feel had betrayed him growing up.

So instead, he over-compensated. Victor had always been tall, especially for a ballet dancer, but where he had managed to overcome the problem on the dance floor, he turned it into a benefit when he tried out for the school's basketball team. While he could barely play to begin with, the university was not demanding, being a Division III school, and the coach saw the potential with a tall fox with impossible grace and balance. Driven by a powerful need to shed the image of being a prissy "girly" fox, Vos took to his training furiously, never missing a practice, doing twice as much as asked of him in every drill. With his natural ballet skills, he quickly became a remarkable talent, especially strong on complicated dribble moves and fantastically graceful in the air. By the time he reached his senior year, the teasing had stopped, as it was Victor Vos that was selling out seats at his school's humble gymnasium, dazzling local fans with his ankle-breaker crossover moves and his spectacular flashy dunks.

The 2007 Draft

By graduation, Vos had become the star athlete of the school, leading his team to their first back-to-back division victories in history. By then, the fox faced a serious decision. With his advertising degree secured, his father could easily have gotten him a job at his marketing firm back in Greensboro. But still angry over the way his father had been complicit in letting him be raised the way he was, he chose to submit his name to the 2007 FBA Draft.

Trouble was, he was a giant fish in a puny pond. He was the greatest player on the team, but he was in a Division III school, ignored by FBA scouts. And he had only been playing seriously for under four years, making him a massive liability on paper. Knowing how impossible it would be to get attention from an FBA team with his resumé, he used his advertising training to re-brand himself.

With a fresh snow dip, a white suit, sunglasses, and a glittering collection of gold chains, Vos introduced himself to the FBA Draft in style. He had spent all the rest of his college money getting ad space in Furballer Magazine, purchasing a personal photo shoot with FBA legend Susan Egret, even buying time with FBA reporters to make sure his name got picked up. And just enough was left over for him to arrive at the draft in the most noticeable way. And it worked. He was chosen in the second round by the Baltimore Spirits. It was only after the draft he learned that the assistant coach for the team was an uncle of his back from Baltimore.

Baltimore Spirits

Victor had gotten lucky. But joining the FBA was nothing like he expected. While college only demanded 20 games a year at most and training was always mixed up with time in the library or hooking up with vixens, playing for the Spirits was demanding. The 80 game schedule exhausted the young fox, the endless travel, the constant team meetings and training, all of it nothing at all like anything he had experienced. Overwhelmed and disillusioned with the FBA life, Vos began to plan his exit. Figuring he'd never get picked up past his 2-year rookie contract, Vos made it a personal goal to make as much money as he could as fast as he could. And he had a big benefit. Playing in Baltimore and having a name highly respected in the city, it was easy for Vos' agent to sign deals with the fox pitching for local businesses. With his pitch-perfect media training, he got a huge chain of endorsements that any rookie would have envied, earning himself much more than his humble $1 million rookie contract paid.

When family members in Baltimore found their recording business struggling, Victor helped out by offering himself as a rising music star. So adding to the endorsements, Victor began his first pursuit into music, announcing the release of his debut hiphop album later that year. The fusion worked, as the album sold well in the region, bolstered by Victor's new prominence as an FBA player. And for Victor, in his eyes, the hard, bare-chested persona he took on for the role helped wipe out any remaining question of his masculinity.

As for the game, he put in very little effort, but even Vos at his minimum proved to be flashy from time to time. Still an outrageously talented ballet dancer, the fox made the most of his few minutes of floor time, getting on highlight reels regularly with dazzling dribble moves and killer dunks that looked great on TV but did little for his team. By the time his rookie contract ended in 2009, he was surprised when he did get offered a two year extension. While he considered ditching it, by then he learned that it was his status as an FBA player that was bringing in the local endorsements, so he signed the deal.

A year later, after three years of lackluster performance on the team and hundreds of endorsements to the point everyone was calling him the biggest sell-out in the league, the Spirits found an opportunity to trade Vos to the Idaho Mounties. Vos fought against the trade, terrified that all the music and endorsement deals he had in Baltimore would dry up once he was sent to the Western Conference.

And he was right.

Idaho Mounties & Sante Fe Whips

Traded during the 2010 off-season to the Idaho Mounties, Victor found his deals vanishing. Soon it all dried up, leaving the fox with nothing but a minimum FBA contract, all after he had gotten used to a pimp lifestyle with the extra dough rolling in from his endorsements. His depression over the matter was felt by the Mounties who got rid of him after only one year, dumping the fox on the Santa Fe Whips during the 2011 off-season.

It shouldn't have made any difference. Still stuck in the Western Conference, Victor barely got to see Baltimore at all. But with the Whips, he met Alyssia Silverman, another fox with dancing and musical talents. Seeing her focus on the game inspired Victor, who was by then facing the end of his current contract and the possibility of leaving the FBA without all of the deals he had before. Taking a page from the taller vixen, Victor refocused on his basketball game, working out more, practicing harder, bringing back that same drive he had back in college. When his contract expired, the Whips offered him a new one. And by then, he had made himself into the team's starting point guard, a phenomenal rise for a player who had at one time barely cared at all.

Santa Ana Spectrums

The ultimate reward came in the 2014 off-season, when the fox once again went free agent and found himself being offered multiple deals. By then, his improvements were being noticed, resulting in a cover spot on Furballer Magazine as well as some of the old endorsement deals trickling back. He secured a promise for a new music deal with his cousin's company if he could get it recorded. That was near impossible in Santa Fe, but when a contract offer to the Santa Ana Spectrums landed in his lap, he took it without a second guess.

Now playing for the Spectrums, the fox is returning to his old ways, just now much more talented. An excellent point guard with proven veteran skills, his new home in Southern California has given him access to recording studios for finishing his new album, expected to drop in 2015. While his fat new $42 million contract has no doubt been earned by his hard work and improvement with the Santa Fe Whips, but some analysts worry it also signals a return to his rookie year, when the fox clearly focused on endorsement money and his music career more than the hardwood.

But whichever way he goes now, he'll be doing it in style.

Playing Style

Victor Vos is a pure slasher, his game focus almost exclusively on ball handling. Previously poor at passing, he has improved immensely during his time with the Whips, now able to sling the rock cross court with remarkable accuracy. While his jumping has always been stellar, he remains a poor rebounder, seemingly more concerned about how he looks on the floor than being in the right position to grab the ball. That is a constant problem with Vos, who always goes for the flashy pass or the flashy dunk, sometimes to the detriment of his team. Still, he is one of the most exciting athletes to watch in the FBA, always delivering highlights for every game he plays.