Wayne Kirkpatrick

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Wayne Kirkpatrick
(Tasmanian Devil, F)
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Illustrated by Pac
No. 24 – Seattle Summit
Position Forward
Species Tasmanian Devil ( Dasyuridae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born Mount Nelson, Tasmania, Australia
Nationality Australian
Listed height 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)
Listed weight 233 lb (106 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
FBA draft 2013 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall
Selected by the Pittsburgh Keystones
Pro playing career 2013–present
Career history
2013-2016 Pittsburgh Keystones
2016-2020 Las Vegas Wildcards
2020-present Seattle Summit
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA All-Star (2017)
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2014)
Contract information
Contract year 2020
2020 Salary $10 million
2021 Salary $10 million
2022 Salary $11 million
2023 Salary $11 million
2024 Salary $12 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Rax
(OOC) Creator Unknown
(OOC) Actor Drakken
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Top 24

Wayne Kirkpatrick was ranked #4 in the 2013 Draft Candidate Combine.


The very definition of "silver spoon", Wayne Kirkpatrick was born to parents Keith and Juliet, a cardiologist and a psychiatrist respectively, in the Mount Nelson suburb of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. The only child of wealthy parents, Wayne's upbringing was one of pure spoiled privilege, from a brand new car at 16 to being sent to private schools. Having grown up never wanting, or even knowing what want is, Wayne's general thought process is not only that he IS the golden child, but that he DESERVES to be treated as such at all times. His parents, though loving, worked long hours, making a fair amount of his upbringing in the hands of the help.

Wayne's naturally athletic build and substantial height at a young age (by 4th grade he stood eye level with his father) prompted his parents to request that he be held back a grade at age 6, simply to give him that much more of an edge over his classmates when he eventually enrolled in athletics. A mild talent in soccer and a promising pitcher in baseball, it was basketball where he truly found his stride after a member of the housekeeping staff taught him the basics of the game.

Standing a head over his classmates early on made Wayne a clear star on the court, to the point that having him only in a school league was a disservice to both him and the other players. At the encouragement of the school's coach, his parents signed him up for various basketball clubs during the summer, where he further honed his skills. At 17 his parents "talked" (as in, greased several palms of) a regional team into letting him on, despite being just under the cutoff age, giving Wayne his first taste of the real thing. Granted, much of his team found him insufferable, thanks to his arrogance and expectations of special treatment. The fact that the snobby Devil was a starter, and deservedly so, didn't endear him much to the team.

Given his charmed upbringing, the hardest thing for Wayne to overcome has been the perception that he's never earned anything on his own merits. As a result, he poured his heart and soul into learning and mastering the game. Staying extra after long practices and going on early morning runs, his victories on the court were the one thing that he could point at and say his parents didn't bankroll for him, even if it was thanks to them that he'd gotten top-notch training and onto the team in the first place. Basketball gave Wayne the chance to separate himself from his parents' shadow. Much as he aggravated his teammates, they had to begrudgingly admit that the underaged tazzie was the best thing to happen to their team in years.

Despite his skills for the game and accuracy both in passing and shooting, Wayne's physique leaves him less effective on defense, his slight build making it easy for him to get pushed around. Between that and his soft-pawed upbringing, he is generally a less physical player on the court and melodramatic when things get rough. This has resulted in an immense "talent" for flopping to the floor at the slightest push and getting opponents called on fouls. His actual ball skills are much more apparent at a small distance from the basket.

Although tasmanian devils aren't the tornado-spinning, sputtering beasts from the cartoons, Wayne's spoiled childhood fostered a tendency to pop when pushed enough. But far from being a terror in the schoolyard or a feared presence on the court due to his temper, his outbursts came more in the form of vulgarity-laced screaming and throwing nearby objects, more of a tantrum than a detonation, and a constant source of embarrassment for him after calming down again. In a nod to the Looney Tunes character, his outbursts led to the nickname "Willy" or "Whirly", a shortening of "willy-willy" and "whirly-whirly", the local term for a small, relatively harmless tornado. It also caused classmates and opponents to toy with him, seeing who could set him off the quickest. Occasionally even his teammates would do the same, particularly thanks to his tendency to blame everyone around him for his own mistakes on the court. He's working on it, though.



Wayne Kirkpatrick (Tasmanian Devil, F)
PID 635.jpg
Flag au.png Seattle Summit - Small Forward (W:40 L:45) [S:85 B:0 R:0]
7yrs. Pts.PG Reb.PG Ast.PG FG%:42.61% PER:20.31 Off:97.52
6' 10" 17.91 6.86 2.02 3P%:33.25% PotG:3 Def:94.25
29.7'/gm 2525' 205lbs. FT%:82.56% DDs:14 Floor%:18.82%
Per Game 5.87 13.78 1.54 4.64 4.62 5.6 6.86 0.24 2.02 1.82 0.95 2.49 2.91 17.91
Per Minute 0.2 0.46 0.05 0.16 0.16 0.19 0.23 0.01 0.07 0.06 0.03 0.08 0.1 0.6
Total 499 1171 131 394 393 476 583 20 172 155 81 212 247 1522