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The Splendiferous Life of a Tiny Female Type Person

Pac likes to draw sometimes. She also plays the kazoo. That's probably not true.

FBA Rap Sheet

Pac participates in the FBA as an artist and character creator.


Adopted Out Players


  • Munrina Beaubonique (black rat, agent)
  • Macon Waldrop (muskrat, Biloxi Voodoo GM)
  • Jeremiah Vanhorn (flamingo, retired)

Artwork Usage Agreement

Any FBA artwork, graphics, assets or designs I created has a "For the FBA, By the FBA" policy. Meaning these works are free to be used, altered, printed, distributed, etc by FBA contributors for FBA uses only. As long as you are a participant or involved in the FBA, and the works are being used for FBA purposes, you are allowed to use my FBA related works. Some work created have been paid commissions, so if the FBA image is not yours or is of someone else's character, check with the person who commissioned to work, or the character's owner, first before using it.

Hit me up, Dawg!

EMAIL: jennrodriguez via gmail

FBA Forum: Pac

Twitter: @ArtByPac

Looking for more of my art? Visit for links to my galleries, livestream events and commission info!